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Interview with Jack Kornfield

In April 2023, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the great spiritual leaders of our time, Jack Kornfield, It’s rare to find someone who manages to balance a depth of inner wisdom with so much achievement! Yet he keeps thinking up new important ways to share the dharma and help to end suffering in the world.


Because Spirit Rock has been my spiritual home for the past thirty years, Jack is one of my teachers. So it was a special honor and privilege to spend an hour with him from the comfort of our homes.


Most of us in the Insight community are familiar with Jack’s voice and his ability to weave inspiring dharma out of everyday stories. But in this conversation, we focused on the topics Insight meditation teachers and sangha leaders of our BIN community would want to know. For example, Jack talks about the formation of Spirit Rock, including a funny moment in a board meeting when they couldn’t agree on how to finance its growth. Of course, there are words of great inspiration, as when he talks about what it is to be a teacher in this tradition and the value of sangha.

He is very excited about his most recent project with Tara Brach and their team, Cloud Sangha. Under the interview link, you'll find a link to an invitation to sangha leaders to share with their members. If you are an Insight teacher interested in teaching on Cloud Sangha, contact Cloud Sangha directly.




Stephanie Noble, Board President

Buddhist Insight Network

May 2023


Jack Kornfield, author of over fifteen books and many courses; co-founder of Insight Meditation Society, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, and Cloud Sangha.

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Open, download, and share
the invitation to Cloud Sangha 
from Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

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