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In Memoriam
Honored Teachers in the Vipassana Lineage


These honored Theravada teachers transformed meditation from something done only by the monastics into a valuable practice for all and spread the tradition throughout the world.


  • Ledi Sayadaw 1846 - 1943, Burma, authored books for lay readers interested in Buddhism

  • Ajahn Sao Kantasilo Mahathera, 1861–1941, Thailand, established Thai Forest Tradition

  • U Nārada (Mingun Jetawun Sayadaw), 1868–1955, Burma, developed the Burmese Sattipatṭṭhāna Method

  • Ajahn Mun Bhuridatta, 1870 - 1949, Thailand, established the Thai Forest Tradition

  • Saya ThetGyi, 1873 - 1945, Burma, one of the first lay teachers of Vipassana meditation since the time of the Buddha

  • Webu Sayadaw, 1896 -1977, Burma, best known for giving all importance to diligent practice rather than scholastic achievement.

  • Sayagyi U Ba Khin 1899 - 1971, Burma, founder International Meditation Centre

  • Mahasi Sayadaw 1904 - 1982, Burma, established Burmese Sattipatṭṭhāna Method meditation centers throughout SE Asia and traveled internationally. 

  • Upasika Kee Nanayon 1901-1978, Thailand, foremost woman Dhamma teacher in 20th-century Thailand. Self-taught non-monastic author and poet.

  • Ajahn Buddhadasa, 1906 - 1993, Thailand, fostered a reformation in conventional religious perceptions and provided new perspectives with pithy quotes.

  • Dipa Ma Barua 1911 - 1989, India, prominent Buddhist master in Asia and US, non-monastic widow, mother, and grandmother.

  • Anagarika Munindra 1914-2003, Bangladesh/India, a disciple of Mahasi Sayadaw, helped resuscitate Buddhism in India

  • Ajahn Chah Subhaddo 1918 - 1992, Thailand, Thai Forest tradition, traveled to Europe and US

  • Sayadaw U Pandita 1921 - 2016, Burma, Abbot Panditarama Monastery and Meditation Center in Yangon (Rangoon).

  • Ruth Denison 1922 - 2015, East Prussia, founder of Dhamma Dena Desert Vipassana Center in Joshua Tree, CA

  • Ayya Khema 1923 - 1997, Germany, Australia, and Sri Lanka, founded several centers for women to practice and transcribed Buddhist teachings into English and German.

  • S.N. Goenka (Satya Narayana Goenka) 1924 - 2013, India - student of Mahasi Sayadaw, expanded the establishment of Vipassana meditation centers around the world.

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