Sangha Leadership

If you are a teacher, sangha leader or part of a stewardship team of a sangha of any size anywhere, this is your page.

BIN's primary purpose is to help local sanghas in your endeavor to share the dharma, build community, and develop in a way that is supportive to your group members and consistent with the dharma.

As a small all-volunteer organization, we rely on your participation to make this resource meaningful.


You are invited to join in an ongoing discussion with over 350 other sangha leaders and teachers. We are in the process of trying out different platforms to carry on an online conversation. These conversations help us form a set of useful ideas for all sangha leaders to draw from. For now, if you have a question, contact us.


If you would like more help with any aspect of sangha management, consider contacting the past director of BIN, Kim Allen, to consult.

BIN Leadership

Since you are a leader, perhaps you would like to bring and implement your bright ideas for what would be most beneficial for the leadership community. We welcome your involvement and look forward to hearing from you. Contact us.

"It is possible the next Buddha may take the form of a sangha, a community practicing understanding and lovingkindness."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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