InterSangha 2014

A gathering of leaders from Insight Meditation centers and groups
around North America and Europe

The InterSangha 2014 meeting was held from Aug 11-14 at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA. It was a combination of retreat and conference, including periods of silent practice amidst regular conference activities and opportunities to socialize.

The gathering attracted around 75 participants -- leaders in Insight sanghas around the West -- from a dozen states and four countries.

The theme for this year's meeting was "Cultivation of Insight." This refers both to the individual cultivation of the heart as we walk the path, and to the two wider cultivations of growing a sangha and developing the Western Insight Movement as a whole.

Four subthemes flowed through the program:

1. Elements of a Healthy Sangha: Diversity and inclusivity; Spanish Dharma; and various issues of sangha governance and leadership.
2. Teacher-Student Relations: The differing relationships we have with community teachers compared to retreat teachers; also our lay movement's connection to the monastic sangha.
3. Experienced Students: How to create programs and opportunities that serve more advanced practitioners; and how to tap into the wisdom and strength of these students to benefit the sangha. Includes social action and other expressions of the Dharma in the world.
4. Broadening of Insight: The Insight Movement is coming to include elements that are frequently considered more "secular" – and also some elements that are more distinctly "religious."

James Baraz and Phillip Moffitt also each led an interactive session, sharing their wisdom and hearts with the group.

Spirit Rock generously offered this retreat on a dana basis, with no registration cost.

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InterSangha 2014 Program



Opening session: Cultivation of Insight

Kim Allen

Living the Dhamma

Phillip Moffitt

Retreat Teacher Survey Results and Discussion

Matthew Brensilver and Kim Allen

Dana, Livelihood, and Teacher Support

Matthew Brensilver

Sangha Business

Rich Howard and Sue Taylor

Diversity, Inclusivity, and Identity Panel

Shelly Graf (moderator), Stacy McClendon, Brenda Salgado, Ed Haertel, Mary Stancavage, and Andrea Castillo

Teacher-Student Relationship

Wynn Fricke

Many Ways to Serve - Panel

Lori Wong (moderator), Randy Fernando, Susan, Ezequelle, Jacques Verduin

Sutta Study Panel

Ruby Grad (moderator), Leigh Brasington, Richard Shankman, Tony Bernhard

Sanghas Supporting All Life Stages

Rebecca Dixon

Climate Change and Our Heart Response

James Baraz

The Insight Movement and Secular Mindfulness

Gary Born

Modes of Practice Beyond the Sit-and-Dharma-Talk

Diana Clark and Kim Allen

Buddhist Chaplaincy within the Sangha

Mary Stancavage

How to Grow Local Leaders

Kathy Schwerin

Open topic 1: Precepts and Climate Change

Lloyd Burton, Anne Macquarie, and Susan Orr