InterSangha 2013


A gathering of leaders from Insight Meditation centers and groups
around North America

The InterSangha 2013 meeting was held from Aug 22-24 at the Insight Retreat Center in Santa Cruz, CA. A vibrant and diverse group of 63 leaders from 37 sanghas around the United States and Canada brought their wisdom, questions, and challenges to share. The meeting was a combination of retreat and conference, and included periods of silent practice amidst regular conference activities.

This year the theme for the meeting was "Investigating Western Approaches to Insight Practice." Through many lenses, we examined the current Insight Meditation Movement, our roots in Theravadan Buddhism, and our intentions and visions for the future.

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InterSangha2013 Program




Heartwood in the West: Opening session

Kim Allen


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Stream - AudioDharma

Investigating Western Approaches to Insight Practice

Dawn Neal

Part 1

Part 2

Creating a Truly Supportive Sangha

Lori Wong

Part 1

Part 2

Inclusivity and Diversity

Nils Heymann

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Relation of the Insight Movement to Other Traditions

Leslie Tremaine


Delving Deeper into Diversity / Spanish Dharma

Nils Heymann and Andrea Castillo


Dharma Discussion with Teachers

Gil Fronsdal, Adrianne Ross, Anna Douglas, Susie Harrington, Matthew Brensilver, Jason Murphy

Teacher Session

Adrianne and Jason

Developing Teachers: Questions and Issues

Wynn Fricke


The Lay Insight Movement and the Theravadan Monastic Sangha

Susan Pembroke








Gradients of Agreement: A Workshop on Collaborative Decision-Making

June Fukushima

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Outreach and Engaged Buddhism

Mary Stancavage, Jeff Hardin, Kristin Barker, Candace McGahan


Open topic 1: Peer Leadership

Jim Bronson


Open topic 2:NeuroDharma

Grant Rudolph


Open topic 3: Lay Monasticism

Kim Allen


Open topic 4: Dana

Susan Orr and Kate Staples


Open topic 5: Technology for Sangha Operations

Allison Shore


Open topic 6: Starting and Growing a Sangha

Mary Stancavage