InterSangha 2012

A gathering of leaders from Insight Meditation centers and groups
to cultivate the seed of Insight in the West

The InterSangha 2012 meeting was held from Aug 9-11 at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA. It included 66 leaders from 34 sanghas around the West, offering a rich program of interactive sessions about the growth and development of Insight sanghas, practice, and practitioners.

The growth of the Insight Meditation Movement in the West was demonstrated in a presentation called “Insight in the West: Cultivating the Seed” by Kim Allen from BIN. It chronicled the increasing numbers of Insight teachers, retreats, practice centers, and sanghas, and also looked forward to the potential of the Insight movement as it continues to unfold. Kim’s presentation is available in these forms:

Pdf of the slides

Audio recording

Other sessions consisted of panels, short presentations, small- and large-group discussions, and open topics where participants created their own groups. The meeting even included a live video session with London Insight sangha members, discussing programs for “deepening practice.” Folded into it all were several group meditations and movement sessions.


Participants in the 2012 InterSangha meeting at IMC (click to make larger)