Buddhist Chaplaincy

Buddhist Chaplaincy is a growing field as Buddhists take their place beside more established religions in the realm of helping people in crisis or transition. Very broadly, a chaplain is a spiritual guide and supporter who meets people "in the field" -- in a hospital, prison, hospice, disaster site, or workplace -- rather than in a church or other religious building. Buddhists have much to bring to the field of chaplaincy, offering calm presence, deep listening, and compassionate care of the heart.

These pages, when developed, will offer resources for Buddhist chaplains and people interested in this endeavor. BIN is happy to support the development of Buddhist chaplaincy as a way for Buddhism to engage in fruitful dialogue with other faiths and to offer the gifts of our practice to a world that needs so much support.

For now, here is one resource worth checking out: BuddhistChaplains.org.