Board Members

Wynn Fricke

Wynn Fricke is co-founder of Common Ground Meditation Center, a community vipassana center in Minneapolis, MN. She served on the board for nine years and continues there as an active leader and practitioner. She has practiced extensively in the Thai Forest and Mahasi Sayadaw traditions and has taught movement as part of Marcia Rose's Self-No Self and the Creative Process Retreat. She is a professional choreographer and directs the dance program at Macalester College in St. Paul.

Diana Clark

Diana Clark was formerly the Treasurer of the Insight Meditation Center, and is now the Treasurer of the Insight Retreat Center and the Buddhist Insight Network. She has completed a Master's Degree through the Institute of Buddhist Studies. She hopes the work of the Buddhist Insight Network can in some way support the growth of compassion and wisdom everywhere.

Mary Stancavage

Mary Stancavage currently serves as Director of Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society in Los Angeles, California, and has been involved with InterSangha since the first conference in 2009. She began studying with Noah Levine in 2005, and in 2009 completed his first teacher training program and has completed the Buddhist Chaplaincy Program at the Sati Center. She has taught meditation at recovery centers in Los Angeles, has co-facilitated Year-to-Live groups since 2008, and has a weekly class at ATS. In addition, Mary has a Masters from UCLA, and has worked as an archaeologist in the Middle East.2008, and has a weekly class at ATS. In addition, Mary has a Masters from UCLA, and has worked as an archaeologist in the Middle East.

Gary Born

Board Member
Gary Born is a long-standing member of London Insight and has been on its Organising Committee since 2005, with special responsibilities for Sitting Groups and for the website. He is the founder of the Insightful Aging inquiry group, which meets monthly in London. Gary has practiced Buddhist meditation for 25 years and has completed the Committed Dharma Practitioners Programme. He teaches Mindfulness, with a special interest in those with cancer and those over 50, and in the workplace, as well as teaching qigong for cancer.

Matthew Brensilver, Ph.D

Board Member
Matthew Brensilver has broad experience as a mindfulness instructor at UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center, a Buddhist chaplain, psychotherapist, and hospice volunteer. He was trained by Noah Levine, with whom he teaches at Against the Stream in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and is now in the Spirit Rock/IMS teacher training program, mentored by Gil Fronsdal. In his academic life, he conducts research on addiction treatment at UCLA’s Center for Behavioral and Addiction Medicine.

Sumi Loundon Kim

Advisory Board Member
Rev. Sumi Loundon Kim is the Buddhist chaplain at Duke University and minister to the Buddhist Families of Durham (BFD). After receiving a master’s degree in Buddhist studies and Sanskrit from the Harvard Divinity School, she was the associate director for the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. Originally brought up in a Soto Zen community in the 70s, she has been following the Theravada lineage since her teens. She is working on a Dharma curriculum for adults and children, forthcoming from Wisdom Publications, and has previously published two anthologies about young Buddhists, among other articles and chapters.