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Retreat Location Teachers Dates
Experienced Practitioners’ Weekend Retreat Cambridge Insight Meditation Center (MA) Narayan Liebenson Nov 18, 2017 to Nov 19, 2017 (1 nights)
Vipassana Meditation: Seeing Clearly What's True Cloud Mountain Retreat Center (WA) Keri Pederson Dec 1, 2017 to Dec 3, 2017 (2 nights)
New Year's Retreat Angela Center (CA) Ayya Santacitta, Ayya Anandabodhi, Ayya Jayati Dec 27, 2017 to Jan 5, 2018 (9 nights)
Releasing and Welcoming the Passing Years with Dhamma Practice Cloud Mountain Retreat Center (WA) Santikaro Dec 29, 2017 to Jan 5, 2018 (7 nights)
Three Day Insight Dialogue and Vipassana Meditation Center Beatenberg Patricia Genoud Feldman Jan 18, 2018 to Jan 21, 2018 (3 nights)
Baja Sea Kayaking Retreat Desert Dharma Susie Harrington Feb 11, 2018 to Feb 17, 2018 (6 nights)
In the Footprint of the Buddha: Wise Concentration Insight Meditation Society, Retreat Center (MA) Winnie Nazarko, Marcia Rose Feb 13, 2018 to Feb 20, 2018 (7 nights)
3 Day Insight Meditation Retreat Meditation Center Beatenberg Christina Feldman, Ursula Flückiger Feb 15, 2018 to Feb 18, 2018 (3 nights)
5 Day Retreat MBI Teacher Training "Mindfulness in Context - First Module" Meditation Center Beatenberg Christina Feldman, Akincano Marc Weber, Yuka Nakamura Feb 20, 2018 to Feb 25, 2018 (5 nights)
Wisdom and Compassion for Our Time: Insight Meditation Weekend Insight Meditation Society, Retreat Center (MA) JoAnna Harper, Alexis Santos Feb 22, 2018 to Feb 25, 2018 (3 nights)



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