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Retreat Location Teachers Dates
5 Day Study & Practice Retreat - Bhuddhist Foundation of Mindfulness - The Construction of Experience Meditation Center Beatenberg Akincano Marc Weber, John Peacock Feb 18, 2019 to Feb 23, 2019 (5 nights)
Strategies for Overcoming Distracting Thoughts The Franciscan Center (FL) Shaila Catherine Feb 22, 2019 to Mar 1, 2019 (7 nights)
Three Day Insight Meditation Retreat Meditation Center Beatenberg Christina Feldman, Ursula Flückiger Feb 28, 2019 to Mar 3, 2019 (3 nights)
Residential/Nonresidential Meditation Retreat with Mark Nunberg Holy Wisdom Monastery (WI) Mark Nunberg Mar 7, 2019 to Mar 10, 2019 (3 nights)
Into The Silent Land Retreat Mount Calvary Monastery (Santa Barbara CA) (CA) Radhule Weininger Ph.D. Mar 15, 2019 to Mar 17, 2019 (2 nights)
There's More Than One Way to Skin an Ego: the Multiplicity of Meditations Camp Galilee Lake Tahoe (NV) Santikaro Mar 31, 2019 to Apr 3, 2019 (3 nights)
Mindfulness of Breathing for Experienced Students Spirit Rock Meditation Center (CA) Ayya Anandabodhi Apr 6, 2019 to Apr 14, 2019 (8 nights)
Four Foundations of Mindulness Yellow Springs Dharma Center (OH) Rebecca Bradshaw May 3, 2019 to May 10, 2019 (7 nights)
Concentration, Jhana, and Breath Saratoga Springs Retreat Center (CA) Shaila Catherine May 6, 2019 to May 16, 2019 (10 nights)
Ascension: 4 Day Insight Meditation Retreat Meditation Center Beatenberg Charles Genoud, Patricia Genoud Feldman, Yuka Nakamura May 29, 2019 to Jun 2, 2019 (4 nights)



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